Sona Valliappa Public School

Education is the most powerful tool for bringing about positive change in everyone's life. The Philanthropist Kalaithanthai is correct in his noble and grandiose vision. Sri. Karumuttu Thiagarajar Chettiar, the textile wizard, planted the seed of education in Salem in 1958 with the humble beginnings of “Thiagarajar Polytechnic College.”

With the unwavering and magnanimous assistance of Sri.M.S.Chockalingam, this seed grew quickly and blossomed into a magnificent tree. With its rich academic standards, he transformed the institution into a forerunner in technical education, and it is now celebrated as the most respected institution in the country, with 50000+ Alumni occupying top ranks in various multinational forums.

His strong desire to provide higher education resulted in the establishment of the "Sona College of Technology" in 1997.

Following the paths of the two legendary personalities, the educational legacy of Sona Group is being multiplied under the lively leadership of Sri.C.Valliappa, the Chairman and the Vice Chairmen Sri.Chocko Valliappa and Sri.Thyagu Valliappa, whose steadfast services with commitment has made SCT, the first offshoot of Sona Group to root sturdily with its emergence as a top ranking engineering college in the nation and offers Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctoral programmes in engineering, technology and business,recognized by SIRO with 30+ research centers catering to the needs of society.

The relentless pursuit, combined with public demand, instilled a great passion in the minds of the Chairman and Vice-Chairmen to create yet another offshoot “Sona College of Arts and Science” in 2017, which has quickly become the most sought after Arts and Science college in and around Salem district for its excellent quality and standards.

The Sona Group takes pride in polishing more than 75000 diamonds over six decades, who uphold the reputation and fame of the Institutions by serving the needs of the world in various sectors.

With its latest venture, the "Sona Valliappa Public School," the Sona Group hopes to enlighten the uncut diamonds, the young children, who have become self-reliant and progressive in offering higher education.

The school's motto is "Nurturing Young Minds with Innovation!" and it strives to provide a correct and holistic education with love and care to cultivate, grow, enlighten, and motivate tomorrow's people.